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Issue No. 6, Spring 2015 AMERICAN BUDDHIST WOMEN

This issue of American Buddhist Women explores Buddhist Women and Leadership.

Issue No. 5, Winter 2015 AMERICAN BUDDHIST WOMEN

This issue of American Buddhist Women explores the relationship between beauty and dharma practice. Where do personal aesthetics fit into a practitioner's discernment of appropriate choices? What does the historical literature tell us about Buddhist attitudes and practices surrounding personal beauty? Finally, the relationship between dharma practice and art/aesthetics is explored in interviews with four contemporary American women artists who are dharma practitioners.

Issue No. 5, Winter 2015, of American Buddhist Women


The theme of the Fall issue is Mothering & Dharma. In this issue, four American Buddhist women write about dharma's role in mothering their own children. These women's personal stories demonstrate how dharma practice can undergird and support us practically and spiritually during our most challenging life circumstances.

Issue 4 Fall 2014 of American Buddhist Women

Issue No. 3, Summer 2014 AMERICAN BUDDHIST WOMEN

The theme of the Summer issue, Caregiving to Our Mothers, exploring how dharma/dhamma practice can be helpful in this challenging undertaking. Also artwork from "the Hands" series by UK artist Martha Aitchison

Summer 2014 Issue of American Buddhist Women

Issue No. 2, Spring 2014 AMERICAN BUDDHIST WOMEN

Featuring an article by Rita M. Gross, "Precious Birth, Precious Earth: a Buddhist View of Sustainability." Also, the program of the 9th Annual Buddhist Women's Conference held March 2014 and "Sharing Our Stories" by Janet Nima Taylor and Jacqueline Kramer.

Cover ABM No. 2

Issue No. 1, Spring 2014 AMERICAN BUDDHIST WOMEN

Five American Buddhist Women share about their lives and their practice. Carol Winkelmann reviews Michaela Haas' new book Dakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West and Arlette Poland reviews an old favorite, The Quantum and The Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet.

Cover ABM No. 1

American Buddhist Women
American Buddhist Women Issue No. 8, Fall 2015

Issue No. 8
Fall 2015

This issue marks the end of the second year of publication of American Buddhist Women, the quarterly electronic magazine of Sakyadhita USA. We want to sincerely thank all the writers who have contributed to these 8 issues. And we want to especially thank the readers who have supported this new publication dedicated to Buddhist women in the U.S.A.


  • “Among the Sangha” by Secundra Beasley
  • “Practicing as an e-Buddhist in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico" by Alessandra Otero
  • “Kwan Yin's Compassion—a Model for Practicing Inclusiveness” by Karen Gelinas
  • “Opportunities and Actions: How I Reconciled the God of Judaism with Being a Buddhist” by Arlette Poland
  • BOOK REVIEW of Anita N. Feng's Sid" by Charlotte Collins

The previous six issues of American Buddhist Women are available for download on this page in the right side column.


American Buddhist Women
"Remembering Rita Gross"
Remembrances by: Judith Simmer-Brown, Sandy Boucher, Carol P. Christ, Judith Plaskow, Rosemary Radford Ruether, and many others

Rita Gross was a co-founder in 2010 of Sakyadhita USA and a supportive Advisory Board member since then until her recent passing in November. We are each and all missing her terribly and grieve the loss of such an important voice for women in religion for our era.The next issue of ABW (Winter 2016—end of February) will be devoted to the impact of Rita’s life and work. We are in the process of reaching out to many of her collaborators, scholars and other followers and friends about contributing an article.

You are invited to contribute to the next issue of American Buddhist Women, Winter 2016, the Special issue devoted to: Remembering Rita Gross. If you would like to contribute an article about how Rita's life and work impacted your own, please email us as soon as possible at: Articles may be 300 to 1000 words and the deadline is January 15.

Rita M. Gross webpage

Rita Gross Wikipedia entry

American Buddhist Women Issue No. 7, Summer 2015

Issue No. 7
Summer 2015

This issue is No. 7 of SUSA's quarterly electronic magazine (eZine). With this issue, we continue the second year of publication.

This is the first issue of American Buddhist Women (ABW) in its new format, with its own website at and in "responsive" design. "Responsive" design means that the articles can be read on any device, on any size screen: any desktop, any tablet, and any cell phone. Read more about this change in "Message from the President: Being Responsive" in this issue. Click on the above link or on the image to the right to go directly to the Summer issue of ABW.

Articles in this issue of American Buddhist Women report on the experiences of four participates at the Sakyadhita International Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in June 2015.

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SUSA's Mission

The first tenet of Sakyadhita USA's mission is to establish an inclusive alliance of Buddhist women in the U.S., across all traditions, lineages, practices, ethnicities and life styles. The aim of this quarterly electronic magazine is to reach out through dialogue with Buddhist women in the U.S. and to invite your participation in this eZine.

In particular, we want to again invite women (including trans) members of diverse communities to contribute to American Buddhist Women. If you are a member of an African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latina American or LGBTQ, or other minority community, or if you are a member of an ethnically Buddhist community, and if you identify as a dharma practitioner in any tradition, and if you have an interest in contributing to American Buddhist Women, please email the editors at:


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